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Macy's x Parsons School of Design

Left to right: Christopher Lacy, Kevin Thompson, Sabrina Lynch, Joshua Williams and yours truly.

Left to right: Christopher Lacy, Kevin Thompson, Sabrina Lynch, Joshua Williams and yours truly.

In 2019, you really can't speak on a panel without someone asking: How does a brand weather disruption? (Exhibit A: Google’s $170 million check for data harvesting).

Lucky for me, this past week at Macy's - someone caught my answer on camera so I can link here the next time someone asks that Q!

Thank you to Parsons School of Design for inviting me to speak at Macy's HQ alongside some heavy brand hitters, including Parsons Assistant Professor Christopher Lacy, and my fellow panelists Kevin Thompson, Chief Marketing Officer of Sotheby’s International; Sabrina Lynch, Head of Culture at marketing firm Exposure; and Joshua Williams, Assistant Professor at Parsons.

Always so proud to tell the story of how I worked with Levi's and #ExtraExtraCreative to create a truly priceless concert where the only ticket in - was wearing your favorite piece of denim.

Twitter Chat with Millennial Expert Chelsea Krost


How did you get your first 1,000 followers? What should someone charge for a sponsored post? What happens when a company asks you to endorse a product... that you've never used?!

I joined millennial marketing and brand expert Chelsea Krost for a live Twitter chat this week to talk about what it’s really like to be a modern-day influencer. Thanks so much to everyone who submitted questions!

Here are a couple of my top takeaways from the chat. Head to #MillennialTalk on Twitter for the full convo!

Q: How important are live events in the career of an influencer? How should we leverage live events to grow our personal brand?

A: Live events are everything. I work in social media, but always say that there's nothing like being with someone IRL.

Q: Let’s chat about the famous hashtags: #ad & #sponsored. Why do content creators receive so much heat for using these hashtags on sponsored posts?

A: It's hard for some people to wrap their heads around the fact that you can love something - and also make money endorsing it. One of my favorite brands (and clients) WeWork puts it well: You can make a living - and a life.

Q: When is the right time for an #influencer to hire an agent/representative?

A: The earlier, the better! Brands are shelling out big bucks to micro-influencers, and you want to make sure you're partnering up profitably.

Influencer Best Practices with Edelman PR &

Influencer Best Practices with Edelman PR &


So you want to be an influencer?!

Last week, I joined Edelman PR and the team at to share my best practices about how to engage, work and build relationships with influencers.

Read more of my thoughts on the influencer industry over at Ad Age, where I explain why I love seeing the hashtags #ad and #sponsored.