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Kate McKinnon and Beth Kobliner Talk Money With Kids

It's no secret that financial literacy is important to me.

Last year, in honor of Financial Literacy Month, I partnered with the Council for Economic Education for a #MySavingsStory campaign, where we invited innovators to share their top money-saving tips.

And this year, I had the pleasure of working with the brilliant Beth Kobliner to share this hilarious video of SNL's Kate McKinnon showing why it’s so important for parents to talk money with their kids.

Take a peek, and happy Financial Literacy Month, everyone!

Council for Economic Education Visionary Awards Gala

You already know how much I love Council for Economic Education and the very important work they do. 

This week, I attended CEE's 11th Annual Visionary Awards dinner, an amazing event featuring economic and financial literary leaders Arianna Huffington, Richard Edelman, Frank Bisignano, Glenn Hubbard. I had the pleasure of taking over CEE's social media channels for the event, which you can check out with #CEEVisionaryAwards and on CEE's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Head over to CEE's blog for more on the event and some great photos. Here are a few of my favorite.