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What a Knight | Returning to My Alma Mater UCF

What a Knight | Returning to My Alma Mater UCF


Oh what a Knight! ;)

This week, I returned to at my alma mater University of Central Florida to speak with students about social media, managing your personal brand and embracing the entrepreneurial spirit. Check out the full conversation here.

Thank you to my fellow UCF Knights for joining and asking great questions, and a huge shout-out to Nicholson School of Communication and my former journalism professor Rick Brunson, who I will forever be honored to have shared a stage with. 


Building a Personal Brand with WeWork

Last week, I traveled to Prague, where I had the pleasure of taking over WeWork's Instagram Stories for the day. WeWork provides shared workspace for entrepreneurs and freelancers all over the world... And as a proud freelancer and social media entrepreneur, traveling helps me stay inspired, creative and do what I love… which - fun fact - is WeWork's motto!

This week, I joined lifestyle expert Latham Thomas for a Facebook Live at WeWork's Financial District location in New York. We covered everything from building your personal brand to becoming your own boss, based on our personal experience as solopreneurs. 

Learn more about WeWork here, and check out our full Facebook Live here!

Northside Festival 2016: Innovation Meetup

How's this for a fun fact? 

By 2020, 50% of all workers will be self-employed.

On Monday, I joined Dell and Microsoft at the 2016 Northside Festival Innovation Meetup to share my founder story - from fired to hired (as my own boss).

I shared my tips, insights and challenges as a small business owner and social media entrepreneur - what I've experienced forging an industry that's so uncharted. 

The space has changed a lot in these five years, but I've figured out some constants: I only partner with brands who are a good fit for my personal brand. They can exist in any industry (education, music, tech, food, etc.) - but they have to share my values of being open-minded, creative, smart, embracing of equality and education.

And, perhaps most importantly: I want to work with brands that are big, but think small.

They have to support small business - the soon to be 50% of us. Get the full story of how I built my business on Refinery29.