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Facebook Live with Refinery 29

This week, I hosted one of Refinery 29's final Facebook Lives 2016 - speaking about social media best practices in 2016 (and some trends we need to leave behind).

Top Social Media Fails of 2016

Before looking ahead to 2017, I talked about some of the biggest social media fails of 2016, from Ryan Lochte's untimely hair Tweet to Total Beauty's Whoopi Goldberg/Oprah mixup. The takeaway from these fails? Always do your research before posting on social media, hire thoughtfully, and if you do make a mistake, take a step back, assess the damage and apologize if necessary. 

Questions from the Audience

Before talking about best social media practices for 2017, I opened up questions to the Refinery 29 audience. Here are some of the top questions and takeaways. 

Q: Do you have tips on doing social media for businesses?
A: It can be difficult to create authenticity, as people tend to connect more easily with people than with brands. The most effective way for a business to create a successful social media presence is to fit into one (or more) of three categories: funny, beautiful, valuable. Give audiences something to come back to you for - time and time again. 

Q: Do you have tips for bloggers? 
A: Differentiate yourself. There are so many blogs on so many subjects, so it's essential to find a way to offer something unique to your audiences. Learn more about how to start a blog in my article for Refinery29. 

Q: Do you think a business needs to have all social media platforms?
A: Put simply: No. Social media is a quality over quantity game. Choose one or two platforms that really apply to your brand where you can post quality, memorable content rather than posting subpar content on every channel. 

Social Media Habits to Expire in 2016

1. Overexposure: You never want social media to be a one-sided conversation. Instead of over-sharing, try to engage with your audience, ask questions and inspire genuine conversation. 

2. Spamming: Avoid overusing hashtags and "follow for follow" or "like for a like" spamming. Be authentic, or your audience will see through your efforts to gain a following. 

3. Avoid Basic Content: Basic content (or posts that are uninspiring) should be avoided. Be creative and stand out. 

How to Nail Social Media in 2017

1. Differentiate. Add value to the community you have formed. 

2. Be proactive and reactive. Keep the social in social media. Engage with your audience. 

3. Focus on quality over quantity. I can't emphasize this enough. Create beautiful content that lasts and makes an impact.

Check out my full Facebook Live to hear more about best social media practices. We'll catch you next time!


Don't Mess With Tech: SXSW Interactive 2016

Don't mess with tech. 

Last week, I headed to Austin for SXSW Interactive. To kick off a great week of film, music and tech innovations, I hosted an exclusive dinner with Aloft Hotels, inviting leading creators, editors, bloggers and brand reps in the tech space.

The night started with cocktails at W Austin followed by an unforgettable meal at Uchiko, followed by live music courtesy of Nate Botsford.

No dinner party of mine would be complete without a karaoke bus to drive my friends home, so we trekked around Austin in the R-VIP Lounge. 

The following day, I joined Mark Schaefer, Ari Lightman, Brian Fanzo, Jackie Huba, Bryan Kramer, Ed Bailey, Eric Silverstein and Nakia for Dell’s #Social360 UnConference, where I shared best practices at the intersection of social media and business. 

After the UnConference, I had the opportunity to explore some of brand activations taking place. Jessica Naziri and I stopped by the Gatorade Fuel Lab for a virtual reality check.

I then enrolled in the School of Self Expression with Refinery 29 and Neiman Marcus in the Dream Closet, and did my best Rami Malek with USA and Mr. Robot

For more coverage of my time at SXSW, check out the below photos - and my interview with USA Today