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#AskingForMyself with Sleep Expert Rebecca Robbins


I have been obsessed with sleep since before I can remember. But I still have So. Many. Questions.

Like: How do I know if I actually got a good night's sleep? How long before bed should I put my devices away? Is it true that some people only need 4-5 hours of sleep?!

Which is why I was thrilled to host an Instagram Live Q&A with my dear friend, sleep researcher and author Rebecca Robbins Parchman. Thank you for answering some of our biggest questions, Rebecca!

Stay close to my Instagram for the next #AskingForMyself!


Asking For Myself: Tackling Taxes with CPA Jackie Meyer


As a small business owner/entrepreneur/blogger/freelancer, I have so many tax questions. (Like: In 2019, are receipts obsolete, or worth keeping? How long before bed should I stop looking at my phone to ensure the best sleep? And what language do I put into an agreement so that I earn money for each month a payment is outstanding?) 

These questions (and so many others) are why I launched my new Instagram Live series: #AskingForMyself. For the first-ever episode, I talked to tax expert Jackie Meyer to tackle some of these questions.

Thanks so much to everyone who tuned in and participated!

Have other business questions you’d like to ask? Ideas for my next episode? Leave your thoughts in the comments!