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Ad Age’s The List Announces Ask About It Week

Do you know what your company’s family leave policy is? If you don’t, you’re not alone.

After conducting extensive research with partners Morning Consult and Fatherly, The List found that most people do not ask about their company’s leave policies until they’re expecting a child – and at that point, it’s usually too little, too late.

Even if you’re not in the process of planning a family: “There are so many other things in your life that could prompt you to have to take leave,” according to Danone’s Senior Brand Manager and The List 2019 member, Santiago Gomez Bernal.

These findings ultimately inspired “Ask About It,” a social media campaign spearheaded by The List, sponsored by Facebook (and overseen by yours truly) that encourages everyone – from employee to CEO – to ask about family leave benefits. Its mission is to encourage awareness and better policies and to de-stigmatize the conversation.

Learn more about the campaign, and join the conversation on social media by posting with hashtag #AskAboutIt.


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