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FOX 13 Salt Lake City: Goodbye Photos, Hello Video

As a journalist at heart, I can’t stay away from a newsroom for long! That’s why I joined FOX 13 Salt Lake City once again to share my favorite social media tricks of the trade. This time, we talked about what’s got everyone reeling — Instagram Reels.

In June 2021, Instagram made waves when Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced - via video on Instagram, of course – that Instagram wants to be considered a video-sharing platform. As most of us know, Instagram was the OG photo sharing app that appealed to creatives looking to express themselves and share their lives through the visual medium. But as video-focused competition like TikTok has become increasingly popular, Instagram had to change with the times. But don’t worry, you don’t have to rush to open that TikTok account just yet to stay relevant to the Gen Z’ers. That’s where Reels come in.

Instagram Reels invite users to make a video up to 60 seconds long, with fun additional tools like editing capabilities, stickers, audio and visual effects.

As a social media expert and small business owner, I don’t need to tell you how valuable Instagram can be to your professional growth. It can be an incredible opportunity to showcase your thought leadership and expertise in a creative way that will keep people wanting more. And investing time in making killer video content can be a gamechanger.

Here are my top 3 tips for venturing into to wonderful world of Reels:

  1. Look the part, and the part is you! While video is Instagram’s new forte, it’s nevertheless still a visual app. That means if you want to catch people’s attention, your content has to look great. Invest in a simple ring light and a few plants to create a ‘gram-worthy background that will attract the eye. Not to mention - it can double as your new Zoom background! No matter what, make it feel and look like you. Show off your personality not just in what you have to say, but in everything that surrounds you!

  2. Think about what you have to offer. Do you want to entertain? Educate? Influence? Inspire? Everyone has a unique perspective, skillset or expertise to share with the world. Share it in a way that will *reel* people in, and entice them to want to know who you are and what you’re all about. And remember to keep it tight to 60 seconds. After all, you shouldn't share all of your brilliance for free! 😉

  3. Jingle the bells and blow the whistles. Instagram offers tons of fun features that allow you to show off your creativity. Take advantage of their audio feature by adding in a popular song or doing your own take on a funny audio trend. And to go the extra mile, it’s essential to add subtitles to your videos. 85% of people watch videos with no sound, so not only are subtitles a best practice for accessibility reasons, they will also help you share your message with exponentially more people who are watching on the go!

Catch my full feature on FOX 13 here, and stay tuned for more tips and tricks coming to TV screens next month!


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