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Generation Next at The Female Quotient Virtual Equality Lounge | Advertising Week 2021

At this year’s Advertising Week, I took the virtual stage with Brandi Pitts, Facebook's global digital marketing director, to moderate a panel at The Female Quotient’s Virtual Equality Lounge: “Leveling Up: Why Diverse Mentorship Programs Can Bridge the Gap to True Equity & Inclusion.” Alongside Pitts and myself were representatives from each of The List’s inaugural Generation Next mentorship program groups. These bright and promising young mentees put their heads together to build marketing campaigns that would promote the importance of mentorship to improving DE&I in the industry.

The mentees shared an overview of each of their campaigns, as well as their insights from their time in the Generation Next mentorship program. Watch the full conversation with these future leaders on Ad Age!

Stay tuned to learn more about how we’re going bigger and better with Generation Next in 2022.

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