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My 2021 College Speaking Tour

DYK that the #1 most sought-after job by kids is: YouTuber?

#2 is blogger!

All of this to say, social media is a real career path, despite the many questions and confused looks I get at holiday dinner tables. I want to show young people that getting into the biz is as viable as any other “realistic” career. One of my passions is speaking to college students around the country about how they can harness the power of social media to build a career of their dreams. I even got a Higher Education Teaching Certificate from Harvard to do just that! (What, like it’s hard?!)

This semester, I had the pleasure of virtually traveling the country to speak at Columbia University, University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, Syracuse University, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Vanderbilt University on my mission to corrupt students with stories of how you can make a living (killing) on the internet. 💰💰💰

Want me to come speak at your school? Contact for more information!


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