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Social Media Tips for Your Medical Practice

How can a medical professional build a brand through the power of social media? (The good news is: There's no need to go under the knife for this transformation.)

I recently had the pleasure of joining my brilliant client and friend Dr. Jennifer Levine on a panel at the AAFPRS Masters of Facial Plastic Surgery Conference to share with doctors how they can build a successful social media presence.

Here are a few of my best practices.

  • Think about what your audience would be interested in. The goal of social media is to reflect your real-life personality online. Are you funny? Warm? The consummate professional?! If your personality exudes humor, TikTok or Reels might be the right avenue! No matter what, always strive for quality over quantity, keeping in mind: Not every channel will be right for you.

  • Don’t be afraid to get personal. Often, we’re afraid to show our personal side on social media – especially as professionals. But in our experience, those are the posts that outperform everything else. Before anyone will listen to your expertise, you have to be relatable to them!

  • Social media marketing can increase sales. I recently got a text from a friend who said “I love what you’re doing on Dr. Levine’s Instagram - and UNFORTUNATELY I now want to do every single treatment I see on there. I’m going to go broke!” Remember: The best “sell” is the “non-sell.” Show your results, and show your successes. The business will come.

Want to see how it’s done? Give Dr. Jennifer Levine a follow on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!


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