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Using Social Media to Land Your Dream Job | Live on FOX 13 Salt Lake City

In light of what’s been dubbed “The Great Resignation of 2021,” 25% more people are looking for new jobs than ever before. Suffice to say, the market is competitive.

What if I told you that social media could be your secret weapon in helping you land your dream job?

Social media is so much more than a selfie on Instagram (no shade to the artistry of the selfie) or boring reposts of articles on LinkedIn. You can harness the power of any social media platform to position yourself to level up in your career. Earlier this week, I joined FOX13 Salt Lake City to share the top three tips I always give to my friends and followers starting the job hunting process.

  1. Do a channel audit. 90% of HR people look through a candidate’s social media channels when making hiring decisions. Make sure to do a deep dive to remove anything potentially inappropriate or unprofessional. (That’s not to say you can’t use your social media to post about your fun night out, but hold off on posting to your story when you’re three drinks in.) Your social media should show you at your best. Look at it as if you were deciding whether to hire yourself!

  2. Complete your profile. Every inch of your social media is valuable real estate - so make your investment worthwhile. Your bio is your personal storefront where you have the opportunity to show off who you are and what you’re all about. Make it thoughtful and authentic, and be sure to direct people anywhere they can learn more about you. This could be including adding your business IG handle or professional website to your bio, or attaching a downloadable portfolio or CV on your LinkedIn.

  3. Create content relevant to the job you want. This isn’t me telling you to become a viral accounting influencer (unless you want to be, in which case, go for it)! Instead, use social media to your advantage when it comes to positioning yourself as an expert and thought leader in your field. One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is by demonstrating your passion for your work not only in the interview, but also on your own time. Take to LinkedIn with your own unique insights about the latest developments in your industry, or even a personal anecdote about why you do what you do. Hiring managers will notice.

If your social media and your work life feel like two separate universes, you have a great opportunity to brings those worlds a little together. Check out my full interview on FOX 13 Salt Lake City, and be sure to stay close to my channels for more social media tips!


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