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Will Laws for Minors on Social Media Be Effective?

Natalie Zfat on Fox 13 Salt Lake City

Parenting in the age of social media is new territory for all of us. An already complicated adolescence can become even more complicated by social media, and parents need the tools to navigate this rapidly evolving social environment with their kids. (Learn more about said tools for minors on social media in my recent FOX D.C. segment.)

Most recently, Utah made headlines when Governor Spencer Cox signed a series of unprecedented bills that could restrict minors' access to social media. The bills require age verification and parental consent, and block social media platforms from targeting youth in advertising, algorithms and searches. It also opens up social media companies to lawsuits for violation of these terms. While the legislation is intended to protect children's mental health, it puts both users and social media companies in tricky territory.

I joined FOX 13 Salt Lake City to share my thoughts on what parents need to know, and what we might expect from other legislative bodies moving forward.

Do you want to see stricter access for minors? Let me know your thoughts. 👇🏼


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