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How to Design a Zoom-Ready Office

If you follow me on social media, you probably know that I'm renovating my new, at-home social media studio. I'm decking it out for not only day-to-day business, but content creation and video shooting.

Before March 2020, many of us had never worked from home (and never planned to) - which left some of us scrambling to create makeshift workspaces. Now, more than a year into the WFH life, the cluttered kitchen table likely isn't cutting it anymore.

Enter: Camila Hori, Creative Director of Sotheby’s Luxury. Camila joined me on my latest episode of Asking for Myself to talk to us about how to create the perfect Zoom-ready workspace.

Check out a few of Camila’s quick tips and tricks to curating a beautiful background below.

  • Make a statement. Adding art or a pop of color is the easiest way to create an eye catching space. You may have noticed the gallery wall craze taking over Pinterest, but don’t feel pressured to conform. Even one piece of art that you love can do the trick. If you aren’t ready to purchase something, poke around your house for a piece you might already have. Camila even hung a rug on her wall that had a great color and texture! You can also paint the wall an accent color - like blue, which studies have found to create feelings of calm and serenity.

  • Light up the room. Think about your most common technological medium - is it a desktop, a laptop, or your phone? If you need to move around, a more portable light option will work best. Camila uses a small sun lamp she already owned to improve her mood in the dark winter months. If you stick to a dedicated workspace most of the time, add a stylish, timeless lamp that brightens your face and looks great in your space. (It's not necessary to dole out the cash for a fancy ring light!)

  • Invest in comfort over fashion. Have you ever worn a super fashionable, but totally uncomfortable outfit? By the end of the day, you were probably miserable. Think of furniture the same way: Something may be stylish, but if it’s uncomfortable, you’ll grow to resent it. Avoid the “fast fashion” of furniture, and instead opt for more timeless, well-designed pieces that marry style and comfort.

For more design do’s and don’ts from the expert herself, head over to my Instagram to catch our full conversation!

Are you an expert who has tips to share on my IG Live? Send your ideas to!


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