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LinkedIn Live: Powerful Profiles

One of the biggest misconceptions about LinkedIn is that it’s all work and no play. Not in my book. A LinkedIn profile has the power to be expressive, arresting and compelling to the user’s target audience - whether it’s someone with hiring power at your dream company - or your current colleagues.

Because I believe in the power of LinkedIn, I decided to launch a monthly LinkedIn Live series in 2021, during which I'll tune up one brave soul’s LinkedIn page. Check out my first not-so-brutally honest critique on LinkedIn Live now!

Here are a few tips I covered in my first Powerful Profiles LinkedIn Live:

  1. Get recos. Ask 10-15 of your most trusted colleagues to give you a skills endorsement or recommendation.

  2. Personalize your “About” section. Remember that it’s about you, the person, not just your list of accomplishments! Add a fun fact about yourself to surprise and delight your reader.

  3. Dig into your job descriptions. Make sure you fully flesh out your accomplishments and responsibilities at your current and former role(s). Don’t leave them guessing!

Tune in next month to learn more tips and tricks!


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