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Mastering the Art of the At-Home Photo Shoot

If you're anything like me, you've already exhausted every. corner. of. your. home. when it comes to finding a decent spot for photos. These days, we can’t rely as much on cool shots from vacation and or pics out in public. So I invited Patrick Janelle, photographer extraordinaire and founder of digital talent management agency Untitled Secret, to get some fresh inspiration for at-home photoshoots.

Let’s dive into Patrick’s top tips for nailing the perfect shot:

  • A great shot takes more than just a camera. Patrick swears by a great tripod. He personally uses two: A mini, portable tripod for his phone from Joby and a regular-sized, expandable tripod for his Sony camera from Manfrotto. He (and I) also can’t emphasize enough the importance of ring lights (he uses the Flashpoint) to get that beautiful glow on Zoom calls, self-shoots and indoor nighttime shots. If you’re really looking to step up your lighting game for photo shoots, you might also consider investing in a flat LED panel.

  • Finding the “perfect angle” is a myth, so go easy on yourself! When it comes down to it, is anyone really always satisfied with how they look in photos or videos? Remove the pressure, and instead get excited about exploring the effect you’re going for. If you’re just starting out, head to Pinterest and make a mood board of shots that resonate with you, and use those as a reference point. When in doubt, take more photos than you think you’ll need to understand what works, what doesn’t, and what you need to do to achieve your desired effect.

  • Filters are an awesome shortcut, but going the extra mile with your editing pays off. Preset filters are great for those of us who may not have the time or experience to get into the nitty gritty of editing, but tackling editing tricks outside of presets will make all the difference in the finished product. Patrick recommends apps like Snapseed and Adobe Lightroom to elevate your photos right from your phone - no expertise necessary!

  • Discover what story you want to tell. The pre-COVID glitzy, glamorous social media lifestyle has taken a back seat, so what does that mean for content creators? Authenticity is key. People are more likely than ever to see through soulless content, so this is the time to really discover your voice, who your audience is and what about your perspective resonates with them. That doesn’t mean we all have to give up makeup and swear by sweatpants; it’s about taking the time to find out who you are and what you have to say in the social space.

Catch our full conversation on IG Live for more tips from Patrick, including selfie hacks, his opinion on wardrobe for content creators, and how to nail food photography!

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