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Phasing Out, Aging Out | Breaking Down Ageism Barriers with SHE Media

Linda Ong, Shira Lazar and Natalie Zfat

The phrase "past her prime" is, well... way past its prime. Women over 40 are in the prime of life, news and demand.

I was thrilled to host another episode of SHE Media's Collective Intel to explore how the media and advertisers alike are bringing mature women to the forefront - and to discuss whether or not ageism is on its way out. I was honored to be joined by some of the industry's most inspiring women in leadership: Linda Ong, CEO & Founder of CULTIQUE, and Shira Lazar, CEO of What's Trending + Co-Founder of Peace Inside Live.

Aging out is over. We're just getting started. 👊

Catch the full episode here!


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