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Australia Relief Trip with Patty Mills

Last month was one of the most emotional of my life.

Patty Mills and Alyssa Mills invited me to their home country to help tell the stories of the beautiful Australian people and their unbreakable spirit.

During our visit, we delivered generators, portable stoves, water, non-perishables and other items to communities in need.

We visited schools, local businesses, and of course, found time for some basketball. We spent some time at WIRES, Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization, and learned about their incredible animal rescue and rehabilitation work during and after the fires.

Meet my new best friend below, and head to Patty’s IG to see our full journey.

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We also spent an impossibly humbling day with Firesticks Alliance Network, an Indigenous community who taught us how they protect the land and increase biodiversity through cultural burning.⁣ The photos below were taken during a “Smoking Ceremony,” where they engulfed each member on our team in smoke to offer us cleansing and healing properties.

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Thank you again to everyone who made this trip possible.


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