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Council for Economic Education: #MySavingsStory

In honor of Financial Literacy Month this April, I partnered with Council for Economic Education to curate a month-long video campaign, #MySavingsStory.

From Elie Tahari to Rosie Pope to yours truly, we recruited 15 global innovators to create videos featuring their advice for financial success. (Check out the compilation video above, and watch how I learned to save money here.)

These videos are airing in K-12 classrooms nationwide to inspire kids about the importance of understanding and taking control of their financial lives.

As a small business owner, financial management has been an essential part of my success. When I started my business, I had to learn very quickly what worked financially – and what didn’t.

Thank you to Women’s Wear Daily, who broke the story and helped raise awareness of this important cause.

And a special thanks to our participants Rosie Pope, Veeral Rathod, Noelle Scaggs, Nan Morrison, Mona Patel, Melissa Giannini, Kelli Grant, John Dioso, Jeff Lacker, Jeff Kinney, Janet Bodnar, Elie Tahari, Dan Kadlec, and Brian Kelly.

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