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Asking For Myself: How to Stay Innovative as an Entrepreneur

This guy means business.

Last week, Entrepreneur Magazine Editor in Chief Jason Feifer joined me on Instagram Live for my latest episode of Asking for Myself.

In addition to his role as EIC, Jason is a regular podcaster, social media guru, father and husband (and presumably, also eats and sleeps?)

Jason shared best practices for everything from knowing when to start a business and prioritizing tasks to making your brand stand out online.

Here are a few of his top tips:

Instead of having one designated mentor, have several people – who are not mentors – that you look to for inspiration.

Content is often an art, not a science. Be authentic, and don’t oversell (this applies to both personal and professional brands).

In business, it’s critical to not only meet – but exceed – expectations.

Thank you to everyone who joined us and asked some great questions, and to Jason for taking the time to advise current and future entrepreneurs on their business journeys.

Stay close to my Instagram for the next episode of Asking for Myself!


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