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Northside Festival 2016: Innovation Meetup

How’s this for a fun fact?

By 2020, 50% of all workers will be self-employed.

On Monday, I joined Dell and Microsoft at the 2016 Northside Festival Innovation Meetup to share my founder story – from fired to hired (as my own boss).

I shared my tips, insights and challenges as a small business owner and social media entrepreneur – what I’ve experienced forging an industry that’s so uncharted.

The space has changed a lot in these five years, but I’ve figured out some constants: I only partner with brands who are a good fit for my personal brand. They can exist in any industry (education, music, tech, food, etc.) – but they have to share my values of being open-minded, creative, smart, embracing of equality and education.

And, perhaps most importantly: I want to work with brands that are big, but think small.

They have to support small business – the soon to be 50% of us. Get the full story of how I built my business on Refinery29.


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